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Hello and a warm welcome to you! My name is Donna; I am CEO and Certified Career Coach & Strategist of Kaleidoscope Careers. I am, and always have been, endlessly fascinated by the stories of people's lives. The narrative is, in fact, an integral part of the way I coach my clients. I want to learn about you; I want to hear what you love to do, what you have been doing and to help you strike a balance that matches the vision you have for your life going forward! I want to know about the career challenges you face and what motivates you, what you truly value in life. This journey will take work but I am here to help you every step along the way to success! I am dedicated to helping you set smart career goals, pursue and manage change and properly prepare to find fulfilling work that highlights your unique set of skills, knowledge and inherent abilities. Start today. Love your everchanging life!


Kaleidoscope Careers is committed to helping you find success in the world of work, and is dedicated to helping you learn more about yourself, bolster your self confidence and manage all the steps along the way. My services include: Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Cover Letters, Interview Coaching, Proofreading/Editing; everything you need to get motivated to achieve a healthy work-life balance. What are you waiting for? Let's get started today!

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland (English/Psychology) and have been proofreading/editing for 15+ years. I also hold certifications in Career Strategy, Resume Development and Life Coaching.

Certified Career Strategist
Donna Norcott

Donna L. Norcott, B.A., C.C.S.

DIY Consult — 100.00
30-minute Zoom meeting discussing your current resume and providing guidance for you to improve it yourself 

Position-Specific - Manager Level, and below — 350.00
Includes one edit and one final version in both PDF and Word formats

Position-Specific - Director Level, C-Suite, and above — 450.00
Includes one edit and one final version in both PDF and Word formats

Created from Scratch — 550.00
Includes draft, one edit and one final version in both PDF and Word formats

Payment is required in advance to secure your spot in my calendar. Please review my refund policy here.

Edit and Update — 150.00

Creating full profile — 250.00
(Based on resume provided)

Payment is required in advance to secure your spot in my calendar. Please review my refund policy here.

Position-Specific (client to provide job description) — 140.00
Edit or update

Custom — 220.00
From scratch

Payment is required in advance to secure your spot in my calendar. Please review my refund policy here.

$60/hour – 15 minute consult included and required prior to start of work. Book today!

$60/hour – 15 minute consult included and required prior to start of work. Book today!

Please be advised that all last-minute jobs (requiring evening and weekend work) are double the pricing quoted above.

“A very big thank you to Donna Norcott for all the help she has given me over the years !! Not only did she help me write a cover letter, she also developed my resume for me from scratch. And if that wasn't enough already, she helped me apply to multiple universities and made sure I picked all the right courses so they would fit my busy schedule! She's honestly amazing at what she does! Anyone seeking help with resumes, cover letters, and/or academic advising would be lucky to have her help!”

Jessica R.

“I would like to send a sincere thank you to Donna Norcott as I wouldn't be where I am today without your time, diligence and expertise in cover letters and resume writing. After a thorough discussion about my career goals and highlights you were able to draw out, we created a resume that brought out my best attributes which landed me a full time permanent job as a RN! Highly recommended. Thank you again!”

Kayla K.

“Thanks to all of the amazing work from Donna Norcott, who used to be my employer at one time! She has been so great to both me and my husband. She created a resume, cover letter, and helped me prep for an interview with Canada Post. I am now a Canada Post employee thanks to her! Would recommend her to anyone searching for help!”

Keyona W.

“Donna was a great help! She did a wonderful job with my resume and I would recommend her to everyone!”

Curtis M.

“I approached Donna, of Kaleidoscope Careers, for help in writing my website biography. I received very prompt client service; she contacted me within the first hour. In addition, the final product was received prior to the deadline. I was very pleased with the quality of work and would highly recommend Kaleidoscope Careers to anyone with career/business development needs.”

Brenda K.

Kennedy Financial Services

“I connected with Donna through a mutual connection on Linkedin. She was very approachable and made my resume shine from what it once was. If you are looking to make yourself stand out from that stack of other resumes, get in touch with Donna and she will help with that.”

Mark. S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within a week of my receiving all necessary information from you, I will send you the first draft.

When it comes to resumes from scratch, I spend more time with you upfront, guiding you through pulling all the necessary information together into one rough document. You get the information to me and I will apply my expertise.

I ask for all documents to be shared with me in .doc or .docx files. Since I am editing, please send editing-friendly materials – no screenshots, pdfs, or ALL CAPS copy, please! 

You can count on me to answer emails promptly and ask you questions via email/Zoom meeting as we work together as part of the service you purchased. You are very welcome to book additional consulting time if you would like a call.

Yes, they do! A strong cover letter can make the difference between choosing you over an equally qualified competitor; it provides the hiring manager with further detail on how your skill set aligns with the role, what you can bring to the team and why you want the position.

I accept payments via EMT to kaleidocareers@outlook.com or PayPal if you are outside of Canada.

This process requires mutual work! Within 24 hours, I provide a 100 % refund. After that, a 20% deduction applies for processing and initial review fees up until all your materials are due. Once I have all your information and have begun work on your document with you, I do not provide a refund. I have booked time for you in my schedule and begun research on who you are and how I can make you stand out! 

*These terms are subject to communication and circumstances.

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